hermes handbags

Hermes handbags set up a special custom department, leather, yacht and home interior design tailored to customers. There are the Japanese guests custom-made a apple shape container covered with leather, the inner lining of silver, only to go to work every day with apple eat. Otherwise an internationally renowned singer, customized 6 different colors of crocodile leather jacket and guitar sets.

The enterprise employees intentions staff customer intentions

hermes bag outletreplica hermesHow to make employees carefully to customers? Start with the staff began intentions. “If you can not be touched by the employees, customers also will not work. Let employees joy, they will be willing to bring customers the same feelings This is Hermes leadership philosophy of this family!” Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas said.

Replica hermes Taiwan marketing planning manager of Rising Sun every six months to the Paris meeting, training, the company always surprise visits to museums, botanical gardens, and even package under the Eiffel Tower restaurant employees, only to promote the diversity of life experience.

Hermes is more in staff training, invited one hundred Citroen 2CV antique cars to shuttle hundreds of employees to a picnic in the countryside, also arranged antique aircraft flight performances, to declare annual theme ingenuity.

In 2006, Hermes “Dream Scheme” to collect 7,000 employees worldwide travel dreams, collect 15 viable plan, balloting let the dreams of thousands of employees by way of fully subsidized, with a week to Russia to take the Oriental Express, Cambodia live in tree houses and go to Machu Picchu to see the ruins of ancient civilizations.

Next, Hermes bags will launch a “third car” program, lock artisans to be exchanged with the clerk. Paired by the headquarters, so the the artisans and countries clerk mutual visits, exchange of production and sales experience.

Employees carefully, in exchange for a low turnover rate and a high degree of adhesion. Unless the expansion of new stores, Hermes, there are few job openings. Clerk are senior staff, and guests friendship tens of years, coupled with the well-informed, able to ingratiate themselves with top customers.

Brand management tools

From 1997 onwards, the traditional popularity recognition instead. Visibility emphasized breadth, the awareness concept includes not only the breadth, but also depth. Awareness, is to organize public understanding and awareness of the extent of the breadth and depth of awareness and knowledge. Awareness quantified: the first part is used the the “organizational brand awareness at the regional level map to represent the organizations by the breadth of the social public awareness. The second part of the organization brand elements awareness plot to determine the depth of the organization by social public awareness.

Inspiration and reference

Brand strength

A luxury brand is a brand, with a very high unique position in each product category, almost only one that can be seen as a rare, delicate and high-grade special flag. The luxury brand is selective and exclusive brands, to give consumers additional creative and sentimental value. Hermes handbag is a luxury, and may not be suitable for the majority of consumers in China, but Chinese companies can still learn from it that a lot. Such as Replica Hermes by research to measure brand strength.

First of all, it’s popularity is easy to identify, Just ask the 500 target consumers. The first question can be asked: “Do you know what the high-end watch brand?” Answer obtained is instinctive, say Rolex or Cartier called spontaneous brand awareness cognitive. However, from the same answer, the researchers were able to obtain other information, will record the number of the next brand was first brought. This will show the power of a given brand in this product category. For example, ask a group of consumers: “Can say you know all tie brand?” We know that they will be the first to mention the Hermes bags, but the ratio of the number determines the extent to which the brand in the consumer acceptance.

Second, understand who is the second brand is mentioned, and it came in first (such as: Hermes), followed by how far the position. Of course, it is more than came in third brand and far also important.

Finally, the research will be available to the respondents a brand list, and were asked to point out that all he knew of the brand. This will show prompted brand awareness cognitive and reveal the closeness of the brand and the consumer.

Above repeatedly continue the investigation and research, luxury always pay close attention to the awareness of the general public for their own brand. Hermes handbag is the case.


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